Axial Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Axial deep groove ball bearings are single direction or double direction ready-to-fit units that can support high axial forces and are not self-retaining. Owing to their construction, the bearing parts (shaft locating washer, housing locating washer, ball and cage assembly, support washer) can be mounted separately from each other.

Single direction bearings comprise a shaft locating washer and a housing locating washer between which a ball and cage assembly is arranged. They can support axial forces in one direction and support the shaft on one side.

Double direction bearings comprise a shaft locating washer, two housing locating washers and two ball and cage assemblies. This design can support axial forces in both directions and can therefore guide the shaft on both sides.

In addition to the series with flat housing locating washers, axial bearings with curved locating surfaces are also available for the compensation of static angular misalignments. These designs are normally used in conjunction with support washers and tolerate static misalignments of the shaft relative to the housing. They are not suitable, however, for wobble type motions of the shaft, since the friction on the curved locating surfaces is too high.