Roller Clutches

Drawn cup roller clutches are one-way clutches, the name of which is derived from the thin-walled, drawn outer rings (cups). They can transmit high torques in one direction and have an extensive range of applications, for example as indexing clutches, back-stopping clutches and overrunning clutches.

Due to their design, drawn cup roller clutches have a very high indexing accuracy, a high indexing frequency and a low overrunning frictional torque.

In order to guarantee concentricity and, as a result, correct functioning, a support bearing arrangement is necessary for drawn cup roller clutches. Drawn cup roller clutches are therefore available with an integrated bearing arrangement (HFL). For drawn cup roller clutches without an integrated bearing arrangement (HF), the support bearing arrangement must be provided by additional rolling bearings.

Drawn cup roller clutches are available with or without knurling. They are supplied greased as standard. For applications with oil lubrication, drawn cup roller clutches are available without greasing.